The Works of Andrew Hussie

An Unofficial Archive

Team Special Olympics

Andrew used to maintain a webcomic site (2003-2008). Everything he produced for the site over the years can be found here. Includes works such as And It Don't Stop, Inappropriate Time For Ham, Humanimals, and many more.

Whistles: The Starlight Calliope

Whistles, a clown in the Starlight Calliope circus, was beloved by all. One day an accident nearly cost him his life, and he became exposed to the corrupt underworld of the circus, rife with murder and cannibalism. Forced to flee, he experiences the hardships of the world such as homesickness and prostitution. Contains four chapters out of the original plan of six.

Whistles is also available for purchase on Amazon.

Wizardy Herbert and the Mobius Slipknot

A very flippantly satirical novel about kids and magic, starting out as what seemed like an unapologetic Harry Potter spoof revolving around a magical summer camp instead of a school, and then quickly launching off the plot deep end into some very convoluted stuff of Homestuckian proportions. Was never completed.

Barty's Brew-Ha-Ha

A video series by Byron "Byrobot" Hussie and Andrew Hussie. Starring Byron as Barty Anderson, an outdoorsman determined to find the elusive Bigfoot once and for all.

Jandrew Edits

Humorously edited Star Trek: The Next Generation footage. A collaboration with Jan van Den Hemel.

Cool Dude and Stoner Lou

Parody of a certain truly awful webcomic that has long since been forgotten.

Coma Bear

Collaboration between the entire Gangbunch, a group of comic artists from the TSO era.

SBaHJ Origin

A thread on the Penny Arcade forums, wherein Andrew creates the well-loved comic as another parody of a pretty bad comic posted there.

Book Defacement

A time-honoured tradition of scribbling in books to create gifts for others.

Internet Advertisement Adventures

Gangbunch Fora Misadventures

Fine Art Reviews

Art Tutorials

Newer Stuff

Newsposts, Q&A's, interviews, and blogs from the MSPA era. Archived by wheals.